British photographer Guy Peterson, who recently graduated from Falmouth University with a first in Marine and Natural History Photography, has  focused on developing long-form photo stories presenting the diversity and resilience of the human spirit, exploring cultures and progressive ways of life. Having grown up in Jordan, Russia, Turkey and the UK, he brings an open mind and global perspective with the ability to admire, learn and comment on life through photography. Whether in Mozambique, Malawi, Mauritania, Senegal or Jordan, there are interesting stories of people living their lives in exceptional ways. 

Music has played a significant role in Guy’s photography and has led him to be part of media teams for many of the UK’s largest music festivals including Bestival, Creamfields, WOMAD, Junction, Land Beyond and the Larmer Tree festival as well as at Glastonbury for Hospital Records. Providing content for social media and marketing to be used to promote future events.

Guy’s work has been published in All About Photography Magazine for a story photographed in Mauritania as well as The Independent and Stand Out Magazine and has been part of the media teams for Bestival, WOMAD, Larmar Tree Festival, The Arts Desk as well as being published on Real World Records websites and social media.

'Into The Desert' page spread from All About Photo Magazine