Glastonbury - No Place Like Home

Over 200,000 people gathered over the fields of Pilton, Somerset to do what they kept from doing for three years, Drinking and doing drugs among lots of other people drinking and doing drugs in the most beautiful place in the world.


Glastonbury holds a certain aura about it, a truly amazing place where people forget who they are enjoying the music and the joy of other people. It radiates through the huge site comprised of four large farms that are dairy farms when people aren’t camping in the fields. 

This was the 50th year and the first after the COVID-19 Pandemic and for many signalled the return to normality (although Coivd cases nation wide spiked shortly after the festival) or rather the eccentric and rowdy  spectacle that people really missed. 

Here is a collection of photos about the people who make Glastonbury, not the headline acts or even any performances but just punters enjoying themselves.