On the 4th of December Gambians went to the polls for the first time since the former dictator Yahya Jammeh was beat at the polls in 2017 by Adama Barrow. The election is being closely watched as a test of the democratic transition in The Gambia, where Jammeh ruled for 22 years after seizing power in a bloodless coup in 1994.

Photographs and Text by Guy Peterson

The heaviest train in the world drives 750km into the Sahara Desert each day transporting iron ore back to the coast while providing a vital vein of transport to remote towns.

Photographs and Text by Guy Peterson

Thousands of tonnes of fish are hauled out of the Atlantic Ocean everyday on the coast of Mauritania’s largest city, Nouakchott.

Photographs and Text by Guy Peterson

A circus school perched on a clifftop on the outskirts of Salé, Morocco, aims to give kids and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds a second chance at life through performance art.

Photographs and Text by Guy Peterson

Painting a bigger picture: Senegal’s pioneering ‘first lady’ of graffiti

Artist, poet and singer, Dieynaba Sidibé, AKA Zeinixx, has made her way to the top of the country’s male-dominated hip-hop scene and wants her messages of hope to inspire young women.

Connected Cows, Bringing Agriculture into the 21st Century​

Following the trails of multiple 5G projects in South West England leading the way in for connected agriculture and Aqua culture in the UK.
*Story in Progress

All Roads Lead to Amman

Exploring the diverse community of displaced people who have made long journeys from neighbouring countries to seek refuge in Jordan's capital, Amman. 

A Community led together with sustainable agriculture

A community led project in Northern Mozambique trying to prepare a generation for a sustainable future.

Traditions of a Medieval Britain

Burning tar barrels carried through the street of a small village in rural Devon, UK

Party in the Pandemic

The illegal rave scene all over the UK has seen a small renaissance with more people looking to dance away the pain of lock down life through Coivd. This clandestine underworld has brought people together while the rest of the world stays apart. *Story in Progress

A Generation Looking Forward

A school in Western Zimbabwe uses Education for sustainable development to promote a sustainable future for a younger population.